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About Us

One In Messiah Ministries (OIMM) is a teaching and networking ministry whose vision is to bring the Body of Messiah an understanding of the One New Man (Eph. 2:15). This understanding is directly linked to the revelation of the Church’s “grafted in” relationship to the Jewish people revealed by the Apostle Paul in Romans 11. OIMM seeks to present teaching of Hebraic Roots to the Body of Christ so they can:

  1. Grasp the importance of Israel, the Jewish people and the church’s role from God’s perspective
  2. Have a fuller understanding of Yeshua’s teachings.
  3. Deepen their experience and relationship with God by learning more about the Feasts of the Lord (Lev. 23).
  4. Learn about the “Israel Mandate” of Romans 11 to pray for and reach the Jewish people with the Gospel.
  5. Find their place in the “One New Man” established by Christ according to Eph 2:15.
  6. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring together a community of believers that will have enough revelation to be able to stand with Israel in this hour of history, even as it becomes more and more unpopular to do so.

We are seeking to fulfill this vision via:

Our web site www.oimm.org
Here you will find audio teachings on the media page, articles with links to the other trusted ministries; book review pages, and “Blessing the Land” pages to network the body with respected ministries in Israel.

Shabbat Home Fellowships
These are multi-denominational and multi-generational home gatherings where members of the body share a meal and learn about the gift of Shabbat God has given us. You can read about them on the web site under Feasts.

Onsite teaching opportunities facilitated by members of our team.
OIMM (a 501(c)3 Corporation) was founded by a Jewish Believer with a passion to see the Body of Messiah understand God’s heart for, and their responsibility to Israel and the Jewish people. Coming to faith at age 11 through the witness of a gentile neighbor, she was not deterred by the resistance of her family to her new found relationship with the Messiah of Israel. In 1999, following a clear call from the Lord to bring the message of the “Israel Mandate” of Romans 11 and the “One New Man” of Eph. 2:15 to the Body of Christ, she began OIMM. God has impressed on her the importance of understanding these concepts so we can come into an ever deepening relationship with Him and each other, as we learn about the Hebraic Roots of our Christian faith.

Spiritual Alignments
OIMM is in spiritual alignment with the following ministries…