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Hebraic Roots

This set of books are on Hebraic Roots, also known as Jewish Roots. They are written with a Biblical (Hebrew) mindset. The same mindset as the men and women who wrote the Bible.

Your People Shall be My People

By Don Finto This is an excellent book. Easy to read and understand.  "It really clarified the History of the Jewish people and put into context their struggle and the war over Israel and [...]

The Sabbath Entering God’s Rest

By Barry and Steffi Rubin A book for those who want to start the exploration of the Sabbath and its significance. PURCHASE - The Sabbath Entering God's Rest

The Messianic Church Arising!

By Dr. Robert D. Heidler "This is a must read! I actually read it in one night I could not put it down. Dr Heidler has given us answers and keys to bring us back [...]

The Hem of His Garment

By John D. Garr, PhD If I can but touch the Hem of his Garment . . . These words of desperation formed an axis of faith which brought a miracle into the life of [...]

Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospels

By David Stern A book the whole Church needs to read! A challenge to conventional Christian ideas! Clear thinking about neglected questions such as: - What central truth, ignored for 1800 years, must be restored [...]

Leaves from the Olive Tree

By Dr. Howard Morgan Leaves From the Olive Tree is an anthology by Dr. Howard Morgan. It covers a variety of subjects ranging from Relationships in the Body of Christ to the Jewish Roots of [...]

Jewish Roots

By Dan Juster Are your roots firmly grounded in Scripture? The destiny of Israel and the Christian Church is bound together, evident in the Scriptures. Learning this truth is essential for survival. Jewish Roots—A Foundation [...]

A Prophetic Calendar

By Jill Shannon See Jesus in the Feasts of Israel and discover His love and personal plan for you! This powerful prophetic book shows you how the Feasts of Israel point to the Lord Jesus [...]

Our Father Abraham

by Marvin R. Wilson Although the roots of Christianity run deep into Hebrew soil, many Christians are regrettably uninformed about the rich Hebrew heritage of the church. This volume delineates the link between Judaism and [...]

A year through the Torah

by John J. Parsons Now you can understand the Scriptures that Jesus and the Apostles read! Centuries before Jesus walked the earth, Ezra the Scribe and the 120 elders of the Great Assembly) divided the [...]

His Appointed Times : Hebrew / Gregorian Calendar & Journal

By Christine Vales The Lord established a calendar. His calendar. The Hebrew calendar. He has not changed it or gotten off of it. We have. Hidden like a treasure beneath the surface of our [...]

The Hem of His Garment

By John D. Garr Ph.D. If I can but touch the Hem of his Garment . . . These words of desperation formed an axis of faith which brought a miracle into the life [...]

God’s Lamp, Man’s Light: Mysteries of the Menorah

By John D. Garr Ph.D. This is an excellent book. Easy to read and understand.  "It really clarified the History of the Jewish people and put into context their struggle and the war over [...]

These Are the Garments: The Priestly Robes of Ancient Israel

By C. W. Slemming This is a study of the spiritual symbolism and significance of the garments worn by the High Priest in Old Testament times. The author finds a practical message for today's [...]

Thus Shalt Thou Serve: The Feasts and Offerings of Ancient Israel

By C. W. Slemming C.W. Slemming draws out the spiritual lessons to be learned from the study of the worship rituals of Israel by focusing on the five Levitical offerings, the principle of the [...]

Jewish Perspective

Below is a list of books written by Jewish authors. They present life experiences from a Jewish perspective from within the Jewish community and the Christian community.

They Thought for Themselves

By Sid Roth This is a book of testimonies of Jewish believer from diverse backgrounds. Each one shares their journey that brought them to Messiah Yesuha. PURCHASE - They Thought for Themselves

The God who answers by Fire

By June Volk I highly recommend this book not only for your own personal growth but as a tool for you to see the dynamics of Jewish life and the drawings of our Jewish bridegroom. [...]


By Stan Telchin This book lays out the history of the Jewish people and how the church has treated them through out the years. It gives us an understanding of the Jewish mindset and keys [...]

So Deeply Scarred: A History of “Christian” Anti-Semitism

By Dr. Howard Morgan Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg summarized the historical progression of "Christian" anti-Semitism in this way: 1. You have no right to live among us as Jews. 2. You have no right [...]

The Hiding Place

By Corrie Ten Boom "Every experience God gives us . . . is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see."--Corrie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker who became [...]

Tramp for the Lord

By Corrie Ten Boom The Story that Begins Where The Hiding Place Ends, Join Corrie on a worldwide trip that could only have been planned by God. “It was in a church in Munich [...]

Dead Jew Walking: A Jewish Man’s Journey from Death to Life

By Hugh Nemets Who am I? Why am I here? Does God exist, and if He does, why does He allow such great injustice and evil to flourish? Are heaven (and hell) real? Is [...]

Israel and God’s promises

Below is a set of books on God’s promises to Israel. They present the case that Israel is as relevant today as when the scriptures were written. They also present the case that the end-time revival is directly tied to Israel’s redemption.

Why Still Care About Israel?

By Sandra Teplinsky Could you be asking all the wrong questions about Israel? Conversation about the Arab-Israeli conflict usually starts by asking if God is for or against the Jewish state--or Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims. [...]

Why Care About Israel?

By Sandra Teplinsky An excellent book. In a concise and theologically sound way, Sandra Teplinsky shows the heart of God for Israel. "Teplinsky's excellently articulated book is a message the Church needs in this [...]

The Coming Israel Awakening

By James W. Goll This book is an update on Exodus Cry. Exodus Cry has blessed me tremendously. It may be out of print but it you can find it is worth searching for.  The [...]

Praying for Israel’s Destiny

By James Goll This is another excellent book that we use during our prayer times at our Shabbat groups. "This book is a refreshing combination of a spirit of revelation, biblical clarity, a heart for [...]

Israel’s Annointing

By Sandra Teplinsky This book will open your eyes to Israel's purpose in this hour of history. "A cutting-edge book for the whole Body of Messiah. Sandy's book sheds much needed light on critical issues [...]

Israel The Key to World Revival

By Avner Boskey This 210 page book deals with God's heart and plan for Israel as laid out in the biblical text. It gives a solid foundation and grounding for someone who wants to interact [...]

Israel the Church and the Last Days

By Keith Intrater & Dan Juster This book presents a fresh perspective on the last days and the swirl of current events. From the wealth of their own Jewish roots, Keith (Asher) Intrater and Dan [...]

Irrevocable Calling

By Dan Juster This book address what exactly is the continuing gift and call of God to Israel today and how is it to be lived out? This was the book God used personally in [...]

God’s Promise and the Future of Israel

By Don Finto Compelling Questions People Ask About Israel and the Middle East. God's Promise is strategically broken down into two parts: Part I – The Time Has Come! (based on Jesus’ words in John [...]

Prophetic Destinies

By Derek Prince PURCHASE - Prophetic Destinies

End Times

Books on the end times and preparation for future events.

God’s Heart

God’s heart is for Israel. It always has been it always will be. These books offer a perspective on how God has always viewed Israel and how we should also.

I Heard Heaven Proclaim

By Bill Yount This book is a compilation of prophetic exhortation. Many of the words released reveal God's heart for Israel and the Jewish people. The following is a comment by Bob Sorge " Through [...]

God’s True Love

By David Harwood What if God’s love for you is different than you think? Wouldn’t you want to know? In God’s True Love, David Harwood provides an essential, timely, life changing, accurate, powerful, systematic and [...]

Exodus Cry

By James Goll I highly recommend this book it's content will hold you captive as you learn history and hear God's cry for intercession. This is one of the books we use as a teaching [...]

Lifted Up

By Eddie Santoro Eddie Santoro was excited with all that was going on in his life as pastor of a thriving and growing congregation in the heart of the city of Jerusalem. Feeling fulfilled and [...]

One New Man

Here is a set of books that are focused on the ‘One New Man’. Many are from Jewish authors. Even though the ‘One New Man’ is an ever unfolding revelation, these books offer clues as to what this ‘One New Man’ will truly look like.

Time is Running Short

By Sid Roth "The message of this book is that God is calling on His Church to assume the role of Esther by standing up for His chosen people"( taken from back cover) " I [...]

The Incomplete Church

By Sid Roth The Body of Messiah is complete only when Jews and Christians converge. Christianity today is very different from the original. To experience the original--the miracles, healings, power, and intimacy with God--we have [...]

One People Many Tribes

By Dan Juster In One People Many Tribes, Dan Juster explains how the proper context for understanding the calling of the Body of Believers comes as the Church learns the significance of her Jewish roots [...]

One New Man

By Reuven Doron "In this book you will discover many answers concerning Israel. You will also find entry into spiritual places, which, perhaps, you had not planned on visiting. A number of the cultural limitations, [...]

Awakening the One New Man

By Robert F. Wolff The body of believers has entered the season when Jew and Gentile are called together by finding our identity in the person of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel. Robert Wolff has [...]

What about Us?

By Eitan Shishkoff "What About Us?" is the question many sincere Christians are asking when it comes to Israel. They see God's ancient promises coming true in this small miracle nation. Do the Scriptures [...]

For the Sake of the Fathers

By David Harwood Are you a follower of Jesus and a lover of the Jewish people? If so, then this book is written with you in mind. For the Sake of the Fathers’ emphasis [...]

Reordering Your Day: Understanding and Embracing the Four Prayer Watches

By Chuck Pierce Time is probably more valuable to many of us than money (even though we spend most of our time thinking about how to make ends meet and where our supply is [...]

A Time to Advance: Understanding the Significance of the Hebrew Tribes and Months

By Chuck Pierce The Lord designed time with a built-in blessing for you to claim and walk into. As you identify your tribe and divinely align in time with Gods calendar, you will discover [...]

Appointed Times

By Barney Kasdan The Lord designed time with a built-in blessing for you to claim and walk into. As you identify your tribe and divinely align in time with Gods calendar, you will discover [...]

Unlocking the Secrets of the Feasts

By Michael Norten Amazing prophecies of God's plans for the world can befound embedded in the customs of the feasts of Israel. The intricate detail of theprophecies illustrated in the observances of these feasts [...]

The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus

By Nehemia Gordon An astonishing realization has recently gripped the Christian world: "Jesus Christ" was not a blond-haired, blue-eyed Gentile. Yeshua of Nazareth was raised in an observant Jewish family in a culture where [...]

Matthew: Presents Yeshua, King Messiah

By Barney Kasdan If you've ever wanted to get to know Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, the Good News of Matthew is the best place to start. Yet, few commentators are able to truly present [...]

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

By Spanger and Teverberg What would it be like to journey back to the first century and sit at the feet of Rabbi Jesus as one of his Jewish disciples? How would your understanding [...]

Prophetic Intercession

Here is a set of books that are focused on the prayer and prophetic intercession and insight.

An Appeal to Heaven

By Dutch Sheets An Appeal To Heaven: What Would Happen If We Did It Again In recent days, you may have seen someone with a white flag displaying an evergreen tree beneath the phrase, [...]

Giants will Fall

By Dutch Sheets We are entering a new era. The greatest harvest of souls in history is about to begin. Regions of the planet controlled by darkness since the Fall are about to see [...]

Midnight Cry

By Jon Hamill A MIDNIGHT CRISIS. A MIDNIGHT WATCH. A MIDNIGHT CRY. Israel and the Mideast. A nuclear Korea. The globalist agenda. Nationally and globally, a conflict of thrones seems to be on the [...]


Here are several books for the family and Hebraic though. They are focused on learning the Hebrew culture and feasts.

Prince Pehlay’s Wonder-Full Alef-Beit Hebrew Book

By Mimi Fine Author Mimi Fine offers this unique, super fun-fast-easy way to learn the Hebrew language. 'Prince Pehlay’s Wonder-full Alef-beit' is a great book for beginners of all ages. Complete with CD recording of [...]

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

by Robin Sampson This giant book gives an extensive look at the nine annual holidays Passover, Unleavened Bread, First fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Tabernacles, Hanukkah, Purim and the weekly holiday the Sabbath! You [...]


This section is dedicated to women’s books written by authors who have a Hebrew mindset. They are women’s books but they convey Biblical ideas from a Biblical (Hebrew) mindset.

Woman of Valor: Come Up Higher

By Emily a Mockovciak Is the woman of valor who is described in Proverbs 31 a role model for women today? Are you intimidated by the requirements that seem to be imposed upon women in [...]


This section is dedicated to fictional stories that could have happened in a Biblical time frame. They portray stories that not only could have happened but also convey Biblical truths in the fiction itself.

Polished Arrows

By Deborah Galiley Polished Arrows is a Novel about the life of Devorah and Yael taken from the pages of the Book of Judges. It’s accurate portal of biblical history opens your understanding to the [...]


This section is dedicated to missions and missionaries, their travels and experiences.

Congo Vignettes: Stories of God’s Faithfulness to Three Generations in the Heart of Africa

By Shawn Lantz Have you ever wondered what missionary life is really like? Congo Vignettes offers an intimate and honest glimpse into three generations of one family. Lived out against the backdrop of the [...]