I grew up in a conservative Jewish home on Long Island. In the mid 1980s, after graduating from college, I moved to Los Angeles. I started attending a Baptist church with a boyfriend and got saved two months later! A trip to a Billy Graham crusade in Anaheim, California two weeks after that set me on course to reading scripture and being grounded in the faith.

I met my husband Steve at a Jews for Jesus bible study. He’s a fourth generation Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus). After a whirlwind five month courtship, we married. Now, twenty years later, we have five incredible children, the oldest a college sophomore and the youngest about to enter third grade. All are voracious readers!

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It has subsequently returned two additional times in my bones. The Lord has been amazingly faithful in his healing power. In the fall of 2006, I had cancer in every vertebrae up my spine and into my neck. Additionally, the tumor had insidiously attacked from inside the bone and fractured two vertebrae in my neck and one in my lower spine. I was on pain killers, walked with a cane, wore a stiff neck brace (via the orders of a neurosurgeon who warned me that my spinal column could be severed at any moment thus paralyzing me), went to radiation every day for weeks and to the hospital weekly for chemotherapy treatments. The doctors had given up hope, assuming it was only a matter of time.

Many, many people prayed for me. Toward the end of Sukkot, several believers traveled from New Jersey to my home in Utica, NY. They prayed for me. Two weeks later, my husband and I left for a spiritual and prayer retreat camp in West Virginia where he was one of the speakers. While I was there, the Lord told me to stop taking pain pills, put down the cane and take off the neck brace. He told me that I would not be paralyzed; that he had healed my bones. I improved dramatically. A few months later, my oncologist stopped all treatments. Today I am fully functional and cancer-free! We serve an awesome and amazing God!

Additionally, in the last three years, the Lord has revived in me the dream of becoming a writer. He told me to write a book on Judges 4, the Devorah/Yael story. I immediately began, receiving around two pages a day if I was faithful to prayer and scripture reading. After a year, the novel, Polished Arrows, was completed. He told me to write a second book, this one from the vantage point of the woman Yohana from Luke 8:3 and 24:10. That book, Yohana, is also finished and I’m currently working on another novel.

The Lord told me he would publish and market the book and he has been exceedingly faithful! Polished Arrows is available at,,,, and via the publisher’s website: Yohana is due out sometime this fall.

I know that this is only the beginning; that there’s much more ahead. When you walk with a God as awesome and wonderful as ours, every day is exciting.

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