By Carolyn Parr

A dramatic recitation from memory of the book of the Revelation, presented with background epic music. Passionate, stirring, worshipful!

Having memorized the book of Revelation while living in Turkey for many years, I noticed the obvious parallels in the writings of the prophet Zechariah, and committed the 12th through the 14th chapters to memory before I relocated to Middle TN in 2015.

In 2016 I began presenting the book of Revelation with music to groups in my area, and continued to work on the memorization of the book of Zechariah. As the unshakable intentions of the newly elected President Donald Trump regarding Israel and Jerusalem began to surface, I noticed an unusual anointing on my work on the book of Zechariah. There were two or three nights in which I heard parts of the book in my sleep, because I had spoken it from memory three times a day for two days, feeling the Lord’s heart for His city and His people so strongly in it. It was almost like I couldn’t stop saying it. I was praying it.

I love how His everlasting zeal for His city and His people are reiterated over and over in this book! The recording is emotional, because when I’m saying the words I’m in it! I hope you will be taken into the scenes yourself as you listen.

PURCHASE – Revelation

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