Sharing the Good News and staying encouraged in the process

Many of you, like myself, have had the pleasure (she says with a snicker) of sharing Yeshua with “brick walls” (code for family) ha.

After many years of rejection, I can tell you that every once in awhile there is one precious soul who has been prepared to receive the good news with joy!

In the past 6 months, I have been steadily building a relationship with a woman my age who has moved into the neighborhood. Since we shared some common interests, it was easy to begin to invite her to attend some functions with me. We listened to each others life stories and commiserated over the areas of child-rearing as Single Moms, the losses of loved ones, and the challenges of helping elderly parents and such. Susan (not her real name), is extraordinarily sensitive, artistic, perceptive, open-hearted and not religious. One of her children is presently exploring Orthodox Judaism and has been sharing her passion with her.

One evening Susan and I were discussing perspectives about G-d and I listened carefully to her candid thoughts/questions. I began to share an abbreviated testimony of my own discovery of Yeshua. She listened with deference and asked very probing questions. I did not try coercing her to further conversation and continued to pray for her soul. A Hanukkah party was being held by Messianic friends, and so I invited Susan to join me, which she gladly did. Our Host offered her a bible which she gladly received. Since that time, she has been to several prayer meetings and most recently a Paul Wilbur concert. She wanted to say the prayer of Salvation but found herself choking on the words “Yeshua HaMashiach”. To those raised in Liberalism, it is a stone of offense to suggest that there is only one way to the Father, but this is where we cannot compromise. I comforted Susan and assured her that the truth of Yeshua-son of G-d, King of Kings and the only way of Salvation, can only come by revelation! She was touched by the atmosphere of a Messianic Congregation (where Paul sang) , with dancing, the Torah, and familiar Jewish accoutrements.

The power of G-d is more than able to draw Susan to Salvation. My part is to bear witness of what He has done for me and continue to pray for her and many others. I rejoice already in how the L-rd has moved her heart from humanism to wanting to believe in faith that G-d is real!

“Faith, with Patience, inherits the promise”

I am praying that Susan will receive profound revelation of Yeshua as L-rd and Saviour, and also asking Abba to defeat all assaults of the enemy to rob kill and destroy these tender seeds of faith!

Pray and keep on praying, knock and keep on knocking!

Blessings, Ellen

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